Scores for Hymns and Songs

All of Us Are Loved A doxology, called "Affirmation" on the songs page. 114 KB
Barrier or Bridge An homage to queer theology and a question for us all 85.3 KB
Blessed Are the Poor A beatitude hymn with a twist 115 KB
The Day We Are Given An opening hymn; the recording clarifies the melody 189 KB
The Difference Because we are the ones who make the difference. 152 KB
Everyone is Worthy An up-tempo chant of celebration, good with hand percussion (contact me for recording) 101 KB
Everything Remains A hymn about the work before us and the hope within us 112 KB
Fearfully, Wonderfully Made A hymn celebrating our embodied life 113 KB
Filled with Loving-Kindness Round based on a traditional Buddhist meditation 56.6 KB
For a Faith A hymn of affirmation and gratitude 122 KB
A Gift for the Altar An LGBT church inclusion hymn, published in Shaping Sanctuary 129 KB
God, The Soaring Eagle A celebration of the sacred of many genders and no gender 107 KB
Grateful A song/hymn about gratitude 102 KB
Here There Is Wholeness A round of invitation 49.5 KB
History and Mystery A hymn on the importance of balancing tradition with fresh insight and wisdom 104 KB
If the Prophets Lived Today An economic justice hymn, first published in Sing Justice! Do Justice! 69.7 KB
Jesus Called Lazarus A hymn about coming out into life 108 KB
Justice Round Hebrew Bible justice visions, set in three parts 49.1 KB
The Kingdom of God is the Queerest of Nations Part of my LGBT hymns project 104 KB
The Light Comes as a Rainbow A queer take on the covenant 59.6 KB
The Manger is Stranger A Christmas lullaby 115 KB
Now, As You Leave This Assembly of Lovers A closing or sending-out hymn 114 KB
Oh, Jesus Had Two Fathers A hymn for kids of same-sex parents 111 KB
Once Jesus Loved a Rich Man An economic justice hymn, first published in Sing Justice! Do Justice! 96.9 KB
A Prayer (after Jesus) Inspired by the Lord's Prayer 126 KB
Peace Prayer A simple round 50.7 KB
Proclaim the Acceptable Year of the Lord A multiply published economic justice hymn 106 KB
Queerly Beloved An exultant gathering/opening hymn 101 KB
Shake the Dust off Your Sandals A hymn about going where our gifts are welcome 103 KB
Spirit, Gracious Spirit Taize-style text, folk melody, jazz chords 108 KB
Spirit of Love A gospel hymn 129 KB
Tapestry of Light A wedding/holy union hymn, inspired by my earlier folk song of the same name 102 KB
Testament to Love A hymn about rejection and acceptance 100 KB
Today, We Come With Heavy Hearts A confessional hymn for LGBTQ folks 105 KB
We Are Setting the Rainbow Table An LGBT-inclusive communion hymn 69.1 KB
We Asked for Fish A hymn about open hearts and closed doors 107 KB
We Start with Faith A hymn inspired by 1 Corinthians 13 104 KB
We Will Not Curse What God Has Blessed Another LGBTQ-affirming hymn 62.1 KB
What a Wondrous Day A gospel hymn celebrating Unitarian Universalist principles 154 KB
What Are We Called to Do The greatest commandment, in a round 49 KB
When Jesus Loved Women, When Jesus Loved Men A hymn for bisexual folks and those who love us 60.4 KB
When Jesus Set His Table An inclusive communion hymn 90.2 KB
Who Is My Neighbor? A hymn about what we owe each other 118 KB
The Woman Who Would Not Take "No" A hymn about hearts that can be opened 184 KB