The Music City SongStar awards praised this song for its “great vintage country vibe”, called the song’s idea “fresh and unique” and the lyrics “really beautiful” and said of the music, “Hit repeat and play it again. We’re hooked!” Extra thanks to Phoebe Lostroh for teaching me enough about gardening to write the first verse accurately.


What happened to the summer? We shake our heads in wonder.
The hours simply seemed to fly away.
We pulled the weeds each morning, we watered every evening
And the heat of August brought us to this day
So here we are, bodies at the ready, spirits strong and steady,
Heading for the garden, we’re bringing in the harvest.

We do our work together, the better to find treasure
In the soil of our densely layered lives:
The pain that needs releasing, the joy that’s been increasing,
The hope that must do more than just survive
And here we are. Although it isn’t easy and the past can haunt us deeply
We take our place regardless. We’re bringing in the harvest.

The prickles scratch and sting and the stubborn roots of trouble fight to stay below.
We give the best that we can bring and reap the blessings of the goodness we’ve already sowed.
We carry pastures of plenty deep inside waiting only for our hearts to be our guide.

The sun is sinking lower. Our work today is over
But tomorrow calls us back into the field.
The fruits of this, our labor are love that’s ever greater
And compassion that is faith’s abundant yield.
So here we are. We’re weary but we’re singing, embracing this beginning.
Before day turns to darkness we’re bringing in the harvest.
Before day turns to darkness we’re bringing in the harvest.