EverySoul is Amanda Udis-Kessler (songwriting, piano, keyboards) and Phoebe Lostroh (songwriting support, vocals), along with a wide range of musicians from Unitarian Universalist, Center for Spiritual Living, and classical music communities. Amanda is from New York City and has played piano and written songs for almost 40 years. Phoebe is from rural Nebraska and has been singing for as long as she can remember. Amanda's music spans multiple genres including 1980s pop, folk, gospel, rock. and pastiche songs such as tangos when called for. Her lyrics combine gratitude and humor with a call to action, inviting us to transform ourselves so that we might transform the world.

Our album Rejoice!: Songs and Hymns is now available! Please contact Amanda at for more information or to request a copy. $10 includes shipping and handling, but we are making the album available on a sliding scale to people who would like it but cannot afford the $10.

GREAT NEWS! Our song "The Difference" was a runner-up in the Renaissance Artists and Writers Association (RAWA) 2017 Songs for Social Change contest and has been released on their compilation album and sent to radio stations as of June 2018. RAWA supports "art for service and spiritual awakening." "The Difference" was primarily written by Amanda; Phoebe contributed to the lyrics.

MORE GREAT NEWS! Our song "Bringing in the Harvest" was reviewed by Music City Songstar, which said of the music, "We were carried away and loved every second of it!...Hit repeat and play it again. We're hooked!" and of the lyric, "Your idea is fresh and unique" and "Really beautiful." They praised the "vintage country vibe," proclaimed it "an authentic feeling roots country song," and said they "wouldn't be surprised [to] hear this song on the radio, in an awards show, or in a commercial someday." "Bringing in the Harvest" was primarily written by Amanda, with substantial lyrical input by Phoebe.

Both songs can be heard on this website (click the "music" link above), along with all of the other album songs.