Inspired by Matthew 6:28 and by my overly crazy life and the overly crazy lives of so many people I know and love. Would that we could all figure this one out so easily. Also, inspired by Klezmer music because Jesus was a Jew.


I got to work and turned on my computer. Three hundred emails required my reply.
Dozens of voicemails awaited attention. I bet my in-box is full when I die.
No break for lunch. I went straight to the treadmill. Right after work there were errands to run.
After I ate, I cleaned up the apartment. It drives me crazy when my will is done!

Someone once said to consider the lilies. They do not toil and they do not spin.
I say those lilies, they have it too easy. They’re loose and they’re lazy. It’s almost a sin.
Yes, it’s exhausting to always be busy, no time to rest or replenish my soul,
No time to ponder or take a vacation. Such is the cost of maintaining control.

Someone once said to consider the lilies. Value their beauty. Rejoice in their smell.
If I took time to consider the lilies, my plans for the day would be all shot to hell.

But I see the wall and it’s coming straight at me. I sense my energy starting to give.
I feel the cracks in my thick coat of armor. This is no way for a person to live!

What are my options? I guess if I have to, I could just stop. I could take a deep breath,
Open my eyes to encounter life’s gifts and be fully alive till the day of my death.

Someone once said to consider the lilies. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing to do.
When you get down to it lilies are lovely. If they’re so cherished, perhaps I am too.

Okay you lilies, you’ve got my attention. Time to be trusting and learn how to play.
Surely my in-box can wait till tomorrow. The blessings of life will suffice for today.