1. Grace

First written around Thanksgiving as the Iraq war was gearing up in 2003, during a challenging time in our country and the world. Now, in 2018, it is amazing how things change and stay the same. Extra thanks to KJ Braithwaite for providing the folk music grounding.


Most of the time, I’m disappointed.
My standards are impressive, but if standards would suffice
Than the whole wide world, including me, would all be good and nice –
A lovely dream still unredeemed
And those who claim to be anointed
Most of the time, seem to be arrogant or mean

But today it’s simply true
That though I’m really good at talking but less good at coming through
And my dishes do not sparkle and my courage does not stay, anyway it’s all okay.

Most of the time, I’m disillusioned.
The life that I’d envisioned isn’t falling into place.
Though I’ve made some good decisions I’m still waiting for that grace
They said would come – and I feel numb.
The news and talk shows spread confusion
And how I ache to see the land that we’ve become

But today it’s crystal clear
That though I often fail to listen and more often fail to hear
And the world in which I’m living gets its kicks from hate and might
There’s a light and it’s alright.

Most of the time, I’m disenchanted.
The Sacred is in hiding or it’s been run out of town
And the Dove of Peace is bleeding as she wears a thorny crown.
The All in All is at the mall.
I sit in waiting empty-handed
And I fear I can no longer hear the call

But today I know for sure
That though my ducks are not lined up right, and my motives are not pure,
And my anger is appalling and my basement is a mess nonetheless I am blessed.